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Artist Statement

I believe in the importance of cultivating the tools to acknowledge and connect with the inspiration that is everywhere.  This inspiration is the unexpected art that emerges when we notice more deeply.  Fed by this inspiration I strive to engage with the world in as many ways as I can.  I am a choreographer, dancer, teacher, student, musician, actor, mother, individual, and community member. My art can be used in unexpected contexts and for uncommon purposes. 

I discovered dance, music, and theater simultaneously, growing up as a cellist, mover, and actor.  I am grateful that I never had to separate these modalities but instead was supported while trying to understand how they connected, contrasted, and fed each other. It is natural for different modalities to connect and inspire.  

In creating I endeavor to offer others a new way to see something they may already know and the opportunity to reimagine their humanity.  I want to demonstrate and share the empowerment of affecting the space that surrounds us. Creating a platform for others to vicariously live the emotions and states of being in my work brings me great satisfaction. I go on quests to unearth my personal observations and reflections and try to share, respond, and build with those who join me on my journeys.  

I constantly question my point of view and perception.  Attempting to see from different perspectives increases my ability to utilize the infinite articulation of a dancer’s instrument and the modulation of time, space, and energy.  All of this is with the desire to transcend form.  Transcendence for me is the absolute delight of only being aware of sending and receiving visceral messages.  These messages are connected to moments of vulnerability, sharing in deep enjoyment, witnessing a frustration or pain, effort and release, and seeing oneself in the other.   

Through dance I have had the opportunity to experience that focused work can be transformative.  Growth is not instantaneous, but the certainty that we are transformed little by little with sustained effort has been a great source of optimism and perseverance in my life.  Countless times hidden treasures have revealed themselves after I was able to stay with something longer than I thought was worthy or even possible.  The surprise of meeting the “same material” at different points in my life only to discover that it had become “brand new material” has shaped the artist I strive to be.  

Deep inspiration has come to me through collaboration.  There are so many thinkers and imaginations to be motivated and activated by.  I want my compositions to come to life through discussions, reflections, and comparisons with other artists. Collectively our sustained thought and efforts offer ever-evolving pathways and new perspectives.  On the artist’s path I have deep faith that my energy and explorations add to this process of renewal and to the collective pool of hope and love available to us all.   

I believe in magic; I have ridden the top of a suspension that changed time, I have been able to embody other personalities and characters, I have felt the formation of communal goose bumps on my arms as a room of people began to move as one, and I know the language of the body is more than sufficient for communication.  
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